Tips and Ideas for Saving Water

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Tips and Ideas for Saving Water By F1plumber

With Summer fast approaching and the rise in temperature, being water-efficient in your home saves you money but more importantly protects the scarce resource of water supply. An Australia Research has estimated, the average person can use up to 300 litres of water a day. Flushing toilets and taking showers and doing laundry are some of the things that use a lot of water. Advances in modern plumbing now make it easier than before to restrict water usage, without inconveniencing your quality of life.

Leaking Plumbing:

Water leaking slowly from old rusted water pipes or dripping taps can overtime leak up to 3000 litres per anum. Getting a plumber to check for leaks and repairing them can reduce extra expenses saving money.

Cover Your Pool:

If you are lucky enough expect up to 80000 litres of water to fill the average pool. Avoid evaporation and conserve water, by getting a pool cover it will save you from continuously topping up the water in your pool.

Water your Garden at Night:

Watering your lawns at night will cut back on water that evaporates during the day from the sun. Aim sprinklers at your lawn and garden and not concrete areas like driveways and paths. Garden sprinkler systems on automatic timers also should be turned off when it is raining.

Shower Heads with flow restrictors:

The typical showerhead in 5 minutes uses 100 litres of water. Showerheads with flow restrictors use only about 30 litres. Flow restricted models must meet government plumbing standards, tested for hygiene and comfort. Installing a showerhead with a flow restrictor saves 25,000 litres of water per anum-as well as the cost of heating the water.

Dual Flush Toilets:

The old-style single flush toilet will use up to 18 litres. Many older homes that have never had their bathroom updated still have this water-wasting. In modern built homes plumbers install dual flush toilets, using as little as six litres per flush. A homes toilet uses a third of the average household’s water, Dual flush models cut this down by half, paying for itself over time.

Water-Saving Washing Machines:

Washing machines have improved a lot over the last 20 years. Old style models used up to 150 litres per wash. Today washing machines use around 50 litres per load. In addition to saving water, modern washing machines have motors and pumps that are energy-efficient, saving the cost of electricity.

Save water in the kitchen:

Dishwashing machines are very water conservative. A Kitchen sink will hold about 20 litres per tub of water when you hand wash dishes; a modern dishwashing machine will only use 10 litres per cycle. Making sure your dishwashing machine is full before starting a cycle will also save on water and energy. In the kitchen when preparing food, never wash fruit and vegetables under a running tap, instead put a plug in the sink and save water while cleaning. -Leading blocked drain plumber in Hobart, specializing in unblocking drains. With no call-out fees, free quotes and up-front fixed pricing. We will help you with your blocked drains – contact us Today – all Suburbs.

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