Why are My Drains Smelling?

Blocked Vent Causing smells to come into a Home

Is there a smell in your kitchen? Does your bathroom basin have a foul odour? Does your home stink? A House that has a sewer-like odour is something that ignoring will not get any better. There are several reasons why bad smells are coming up into your home through your drains. King Plumbing provide drain cleaning services and will fix bad smelling drains and blockages.

Fixture Trap water level is too Low:

If you have a sewage smell coming from one of your plumbing fixtures, check the trap the water flows through under the sink that is responsible for holding a small amount of water to form a seal to stop sewer gases entering the home. If the plumbing fixture has rarely been in use, this could probably be the reason for the odour. In this case, you can remove the lousy drain odour by running water through your drain and making sure there is a seal in your trap.

  Sewer Drain Line Issues:

If the foul smells are coming up around the house drains, there might be a blockage or a damaged section of drain that carries the wastewater to the sewer system. The foul smells are usually around blockages in the drains causing an issue that needs drain cleaning plumbers to undertake, many times it will lead to raw sewage flowing around your home’s foundations and could even flood into your basement. If gurgling sounds accompany the smell, you have a blockage on the way.

  Not Enough Venting on Your Drainage System:

Vent pipes remove sewer gases from your homes drainage system. When they become blocked from matter like animal nests, and tree roots. Sewer gases will have no escape and can cause fixtures like sinks and toilets to lose their water seal when you pull the plug, or the toilet is flushed. Vent pipes are the way plumbing systems keep sewer gases from entering into the house. Venting pipes release back-flowing gasses into the atmosphere. When you noticed slowly draining from plumbing fixtures or sucking sounds when the toilet is flushed, or when you pull the plug, more than likely this is the problem. The vent needs clearing.

  Contact Us:

The smell of sewage in your home is not what any homeowner wants. If your drains are smelling, don’t hesitate to give King Plumbing a call today. We are fully licensed, and insured with 30 years experience.


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