Emergency Blocked Drain Plumbing 0413-586-724:

You find your basement has flooded and your backyard is overflowing with sewage. You begin to realize how important your plumbing is when you have to go without the toilet. When you are in this situation, an emergency plumber like King Plumbing is your best friend.

Emergency after hours plumbing services can be quite expensive.  Finding a solution to the immediate problem you may be better off waiting until business hours to phone your local plumber.

Blocked Drains

If your bathroom sink is blocked, some times this can’t be fixed by clearing hair and debris from the basin outlet.

Sometimes, the blockage can be a result of hair and debris that are lodged further down the drain, which is usually cleared by snaking the drain. Sometimes the plumber will need to send a camera down the drain to see where the blockage is occurring and how to proceed.

In old houses with clay pipes, common blockages are a result of tree roots  from trees infiltrating into the pipe. In new houses with PVC drains, sometimes the PVC can develop a flat spot. Water and grease can pool in a flat spot in the drain and harden, creating a blockage.  In both cases, if the blockage can’t be cleaned, the solution may be to replace the section of the drain, a procedure which is costly.

Frozen Pipes

If you wake up in winter and notice your water is not flowing, you could be dealing with a frozen pipe. Uninsulated pipes in outside areas during cold months,  run the risk of bursting and flooding the area with water that causes damage to walls, floors, and furniture.

For a frozen water pipe, an emergency plumber will repair and Insulate the pipes, reroute the pipes.

When a burst pipe happens, locate the water meter and shut off the tap to prevent further damage.


Often in old homes, the agg drains around the footings – whose purpose is to move water away from the house – are connected to the pipe that goes to the stormwater. During rainstorms, any blockage in the stormwater pipe can cause rainwater to flow around and even into your house. Because of the potential for flooding into the house, this situation needs to be responded to immediately. An emergency plumber will use a jetter to clear the drain and stop water from backing up into the house. After the drain is cleared, we can advise on how to fix the problem, so it doesn’t happen again.King Plumbing 0413-586-724  emergency plumber is one of Hobart’s most trusted & experienced plumbing companies. We are able to respond quickly throughout Hobart and surrounding suburbs.

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